Cold emailing has played a major role in growing our businesses. However, a lack of quality tools made us look into developing our own in-house solution.

We wanted something that could integrate with any SMTP provider, including all the main brands and custom servers such as shared web hosts. After all, if you’re not sending a large number of emails, shared hosts are a cheap sending option.

When you’re doing bulk cold email outreach, you’ll find that some SMTP services just don’t match your needs and sometimes, you’ll have to switch providers. The flexibility of MailCold gives you that freedom. We developed MailCold to work with virtually any server by allowing for custom SMTP as well as providing full integration with the every known bulk email service provider.

Still, we wanted to keep costs low for our clients and we knew other cold email tools were crazy expensive. They also didn’t offer list verification. If we could somehow provide this without raising costs, we knew we’d have something special.

To make this possible, we decided to integrate list verification from low cost providers, rather than develop it ourselves.

When your lists aren’t perfect, which few cold email lists are, you need a way to verify good targets and remove emails that are likely to bounce. This keeps you on good standing with your email provider and allows you to send more emails without worrying about getting flagged or blacklisted.

Our automatic verification with EVerifier or BulkEmailChecker is optional and built straight into the import process. Your lists will be as clean as they can get and these are the most affordable verification services we could find.

Cold outreach is still a legitimate prospecting method and it works well when your emails are personalized and targeted. We encourage our users to look into advanced email hunting practices to improve the quality of your lists. Remember, the more data you have on your prospects, the easier it is to personalize your emails.

MailCold is free for testing purposes and just $19.99/month to become a Power User and have unrestricted, fully unlimited access. We’re pretty certain we’re the cheapest tool for cold emailing and we hope you’ll consider us the best.

Our software will be under continuous development for years to come. We’re always looking to improve.