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Send Cold Emails from any SMTP Provider!

Cold outreach isn’t easy, but every prospect matters. You already spend time developing your lists, let MailCold make life easier by automating your cold emails.

List Verification

Where other cold email apps lack, we provide standard with MailCold. We’re integrated with verification tools to automatically verify your lists upon import. This will lower your bounce rates significantly and help you stay on good standing with your SMTP providers.


Cold outreach relies on personalization. Your ability to connect with prospects while appearing genuine and authentic is important. MailCold provides numerous ways to personalize your emails by easily adding first names, company names and website URLs.

Send from ANY Server

Shared web hosts limit the number of emails you can send per hour/day, that’s why MailCold supports numerous other SMTP providers including big brands and even custom SMTP servers.

Sign up to multiple hosts and divide your campaigns among their SMTP servers, or choose to go with one of our integrated SMTP service providers. Cold emailing doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Our SMTP integration lets you spend pennies while your competitors are spending thousands. You have complete control over the server you choose to reach out with and many of these providers have incredibly low send rates.

Track your opens

Know just how many recipients are opening and reading your emails.

track your clicks

Have a link in your email? That's right, you can track clicks too.

Save Money

We're not out to nickel and dime you. Send cold emails on a budget.

Our Clients Love our Cold Email Platform

"Wow. Just wow. I landed 2 clients my first day using MailCold. I've never done cold outreach before and I combined this with Email Hunter and it made for one hell of a combo."
Web Developer
"I tried the free version out for a few days and I was getting good response rates. The paid plan is well worth it if you're spending time gathering emails. Made things way easier."
SEO Provider

If you’re not cold emailing, how are you driving results? It’s one thing to have booming PPC or SEO traffic, it’s another to be struggling for web presence.

If you find yourself in that second category and you don’t have a flood of paying customers coming to your website, cold emailing might be the answer you’ve been looking for. By sending cold emails through MailCold, you can reach out to prospects at incredible speed, completely hands-off.

Our software is the ultimate cold email tool, it’s even integrated with list verification and supports a multitude of SMTP providers.


A cold email is an email that you send to someone that you believe will be interested in your products or services (a prospect) but no prior contact has been made. The prospect is targeted, but they are not a lead yet because you’re sending the message cold, without any data to suggest they already know about your business or have an active interest in what you sell.

Cold emailing is similar to cold calling, except that it’s entirely digital and done through email, rather than over the phone.

Sending cold emails is one of the easier, more hands-off ways to get in touch with potential customers.

That doesn’t mean it works like magic or will make your a millionaire overnight but it will help you connect with prospects and get the ball rolling on potential sales.

When your website isn’t performing like you want it to be, cold emailing can fill in that traffic gap. It can give you a recipe for success that’s proven and works. If you need results fast, there are few methods as effective as sending emails. The better your cold email marketing practices such as strong personalization, list verification and use of a good email template, the better your results will be.

There isn’t an answer to this question as all SMTP providers work well for cold emailing.

We highly encourage our users to make use of the list verification partners we have integrated into the software. In doing so, you will vastly reduce your bounce rate. This will keep you on good standing with your SMTP provider. Most SMTP email senders are known to flag accounts with high bounce rates, sometimes even suspending them if it continues.

Every provider will have their own pros/cons. With cold emailing, the most important thing to find is an SMTP provider that can offer high inbox rates. Messages going to spam/junk mail is one of the biggest concerns when you are sending to a list that hasn’t necessarily “opted in.”

Make sure you set your SPF and DKIM records appropriately for your mail sender. Cold emails will get inboxed better when you have setup the proper records with your DNS provider.

Additionally, make sure you follow the rules and regulations with email sending. For instance, having your company address at the bottom of the email or having an “unsubscribe” link. Even if you plan to never send another email to the list, there are laws that prevent you from removing the unsubscribe link and depending on where you live and what type of emails you’re sending, this can effect your results.

The second the reader opens your email and suspects that it was automated or is “just another cold email,” you’ve already lost. The goal is to maintain their attention with a highly personalized, thought provoking template.

Your cold email template should at the very least, address the reader by name. This is the standard of personalization and you can personalize cold emails much further than this depending on the data you have for your lists.

Secondly, keep your cold email short and to the point. If you write a lengthy message, they’re likely to lose interest or flat out decide from the beginning they don’t have the time to read it. Cold emails should only be a few sentences long.

You should also avoid “selling” the reader with cold emailing. You’re reaching out and prospecting with what is likely to be decent targeting, but absolutely no prior contact has been made. That means you need to make a good impression and nobody likes a cold email that’s a blatant sales letter.


Getting turned down from a cold email is the nature of the game. When you’re contacting people or businesses with no existing interest in your products or services, you’re bound to get turned down a lot more than you would with a list that has opted in to receive your emails.

Don’t get discouraged. Cold emails have varying degrees of success depending on the type of product or service you’re pitching. Some will have less than 2% closure rates, others will be much higher. If you’re in an industry where cold emails are commonplace, then you’re competing with a lot of other individuals and companies using the same tactic. Your success depends on your perseverance. 

Not at all. In fact, our competitors are all priced at $50/month and beyond and we have yet to find cold email software other than MailCold with list verification built in. We truly offer the lowest price and the most features. We may raise prices in the future, but if you subscribe now you get unlimited everything for just $20/month.

There are a lot of tools available that will help you find emails for cold emailing with MailCold. Most of these tools will “scrape” the internet, or search engines, for email addresses. They allow you to enter in website URLs and they will directly scrape those websites, or you can enter in keywords and they will use search engines to find websites to scrape.

Scraping emails is generally something software can do automatically. You just enter in the parameters and it goes to work. One of the most popular email scrapers is Hunter, a popular tool that can not only find emails from websites but social media accounts as well.

Once you’ve acquired an email address, you need a way to test if it works. This is where list verification comes in. We’ve integrated MailCold with several list verification tools to test your email lists upon import so that you can remove emails that are guaranteed to bounce when you send them. This could be because the email no longer exists, they have a spam filter built in to reject your mail, or some other reason.

List verification is essential to cold emailing because it ensures you’re not attempting to send email to addresses that won’t work. This would be a red flag to your SMTP provider and could get your account suspended. We created MailCold to make bounce rate reduction incredibly simple for our users.